SDS-PLUS HSS-G Bright & Brad Point Drill Bits
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Part No: SDS-PLUS HSS-G Bright & Brad Point Drill Bits
  • Ideal for use with SDS-PLUS Rotary Hammer Drills (in rotary mode only) when required to drill through metal or wood materials
  • Short SDS-PLUS shank style prevents damage when operated in hammer or rotary+hammer modes
  • HSS-G bright drill bit for drilling through ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • 135o split point tip geometry prevents bit walking for fast and accurate material penetration
  • Ground forged edge and flute construction for high quality performance and long life
  • Brad point drill bit for drilling through wood and plastics
  • Brad point enables precise positioning in material while sharp spurs cut clean, splinter-free holes


B-59106, B-59112, B-59128, B-59134, B-59140, B-59156, B-59162, B-59178, B-59184, B-59190, B-59209, B-59215, B-59221, B-59237, B-59243

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