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Thank you for purchasing a Makita premium LXT product.

To prolong the life of your batteries and give you maximum satisfaction, please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Never allow your battery to go completely dead
  • When your tool begins to slow or labour, remove the battery from the tool and charge it completely
  • Never recharge a fully charged battery
  • Allow a hot battery to cool before charging
  • Avoid storing your batteries in a case or bag that contains metal objects that may come in contact with the battery terminals
  • Charge your batteries once every six months if they are not used often
  • All new batteries need to be charged before use

“Knock-Off” Makita® Lithium-Ion Batteries May Burst Causing Fires, Personal Injuries or Property Damage

Makita Lithium-Ion batteries are manufactured to strict standards, and are engineered with internal electronic circuitry to monitor the battery conditions when in use with Makita tools and chargers. By using a non-genuine Makita “knock-off” battery or batteries that have been altered, the sophisticated electronic communication system between the battery and charger as well as between the battery and the tool may be defeated. This will result in:

  • Voiding the Makita Warranty for the Makita tool and charger
  • Voiding the UL/CSA Standards approval of the tool

When using non-genuine Makita batteries, there is also a risk of:

  • The battery bursting that may result in personal injury and/or property damage
  • Possible fire damage to the tool, the battery and/or the charger
  • Unknown tool performance

Makita bears no liability for accidents, personal injury or property damage (or damage to batteries, tools or chargers) that occurs as a result of the use of “knock-off” batteries, or batteries that have been repaired or altered in any way.

Choose Genuine Parts & Accessories

Don’t be fooled! Genuine Makita batteries are black in color, have the Makita trademark logo with Lithium-Ion identification on both sides, and have the Makita trademark logo on the bottom of the battery. “Knock-off” batteries may appear to be similar to genuine Makita batteries but have no Makita branding on them. Makita only approves the use of genuine parts and accessories with Makita tools. Makita does not approve the use of non-genuine or “knock-off” Lithium-Ion batteries which are marketed and sold by third parties for use in Makita Lithium-Ion cordless tools.


The innovation leader, Makita leads the industry with best-in-class quality cordless products.

XGT 100+ PRODUCTS <span class=disclaimer>*In 2022</span>

70+ Products

XGT 100+ PRODUCTS <span class=disclaimer>*In 2022</span>
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LXT 300+ PRODUCTS <span class=disclaimer>*In 2022</span>

70+ Products