Demolition Hammer Bit Quick Reference Chart
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Quick Reference Chart for Demolition Hammer Bits

Includes: SDS-PLUS, SDS-MAX, Makita Small, Makita Large, 3/4"Hex,21/32" Round, 3/4" Hex, 1-1/8" Hex and Hex Shank Bits


B-45559, 751420-A, D-21353-5, A-80466, D-20074, D-19196, D-36463, 751423-A, D-36479, 751424-A, D-51144, D-08713, 751220-A, D-21369-5, A-80597, D-20080, D-19205, D-36485, 751228-A, D-36491, 751231-A, D-51150, A-87046, 751221-A, D-21347-5, D-23868, D-20096, 751233-A, D-36516, 751229-A, D-36522, 751230-A, A-87052, A-87068, 751309-C, D-51166, D-61036, D-61014, 751622-A, B-10300, 798148-7, 751626-A, A-31485, 751716-A, 751304-C, 751710-A, 751711-A, 798144-5, 751715-A, 751102-A, 798132-2, 751108-A, 798142-9, 798143-7, 751620-A, 751625-A, T-02593, T-02602, A-30106, 343411-9, 751234-A, 751305-C, 751230-C, 751222-A, 751621-A, 751223-A, 751101-A, 751106-A, 751103-A, 751303-C, 751310-C, 751306-C, 751311-C, 751307-C, A-87096, A-87074, A-87080, D-26381, A-48717, A-68161

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Note: Makita Canada reserves the right to change specification of products without notice. The contents of the parts breakdown and Instruction manuals may be different from current products.