Heavy-Duty Spade Bits
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For Heavy-Duty Applications in Wood

1/4" Shank

  • "Spurs" cut clean, accurate holes through wood, including hardwood
  • Chisel edge for heavy-duty, fast drilling
  • Available in 6-1/8" and 16" lengths
  • Not for use in Drill Presses


714154-A, 714155-A, 714156-A, 714147-A, 714157-A, 714158-A, 714148-A, 714159-A, 714160-A, 714150-A, 714161-A, 714162-A, 714151-A, 714163-A, 714164-A, 714152-A, 714165-A, 714166-A, 714153-A, 714167-A, 714168-A, 714169-A, 714170-A

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