Quick-Release Ratcheting Guide Rail Clamp Set
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Part No: 199826-6
  • Quick-release ratcheting design allows user to quickly install, remove or adjust clamps for minimal downtime and maximum versatility
  • Slides into channels located on underside of guide rail to secure guide rail to material
  • Hidden design results in no interference with movement of saw while cutting
  • Prevents guide rails from shifting when placed on smooth materials
  • Can be adjusted along the length of the guide rail based on the width of the material to be cut
  • Set includes two (2) clamps
  • Use with Makita 39" (199140-0), 55" (194368-5), 59" (199141-8), 75" (194925-9) or 118" (194367-7) Guide Rails



Net Weight 2.3 lbs. (1.0 kg)


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