Single Spur Ship Auger Drill Bits
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Part No: Single Spur Ship Auger Drill Bits
  • Single spur cuts quickly with greater shearing action, creating clean entry and exit holes
  • Ideal for use in new timber and lumber


D-23313, D-23416, D-23329, D-23422, D-23519, D-23634, D-23335, D-23438, D-23525, D-23640, D-23341, D-23444, D-23531, D-23656, D-23357, D-23450, D-23547, D-23662, D-23363, D-23466, D-23553, D-23678, D-23379, D-23472, D-23569, D-23684, D-23385, D-23488, D-23575, D-23690, D-23391, D-23494, D-23581, D-23709, D-23400, D-23503, D-23597, D-23715, D-23606, D-23721, D-23612, D-23737, D-23628, D-23743

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