HSS-CO (Cobalt) Twist Drill Bits
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Part No: HSS-CO (Cobalt) Twist Drill Bits

Ideal for use with stainless steel, hard alloys, abrasive materials, cast iron and ferrous metals

  • 5% cobalt content offers maximum heat and abrasion resistance for use with hard materials
  • 135o split point tip geometry prevents bit walking for fast and accurate material penetration
  • Ground forged edge and flute construction for high quality performance and long life
  • Available 2/Pk (1/16" - 9/64"), 1/Pk (5/32" - 1/2") & 5/Pk (1/16" - 1/2")


D-22523, D-22816, D-22539, D-22822, D-22545, D-22838, D-22551, D-22844, D-22567, D-22850, D-22573, D-22866, D-22589, D-22872, D-22595, D-22888, D-22604, D-22894, D-22610, D-22903, D-22626, D-22919, D-22632, D-22925, D-22648, D-22931, D-22654, D-22947, D-22660, D-22953, D-22676, D-22969, D-22682, D-22975, D-22698, D-22981, D-22707, D-22997, D-22713, D-23008, D-22729, D-23014, D-22735, D-23020, D-22741, D-23036, D-22757, D-23042, D-22763, D-23058, D-22779, D-23064, D-22785, D-23070, D-22791, D-23086, D-22800, D-23092

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