Reciprocating Saw Blades
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High-Quality Reciprocating Saw Blades for Any Application

Features Standard Tang Shank

  • Bi-Metal (BIM) Blades are composed of High Carbon Steel (HCS) teeth and a High Speed Steel (HSS) body for high performance in a variety of materials and applications.  BIM Blades last up to 10x longer than HCS Blades.
  • High Speed Steel (HSS) Blades last up to 5x longer than HCS blades and are ideal for metal cutting applications.
  • High-Carbon Steel (HCS) Blades are ideal for use with softer materials, including wood and plastics.


B-62016, 723072-A-3, 723075-A-3, 723073-A-3, 723076-A-3, 723074-A-3, B-20432, 723057-A-5, 723058-A-5, 723054-A-5, 723050-A-5, 723078-A-5, 723053-A-5, 723052-A-5, 723055-A-5, 723056-A-5, 723051-A-5, B-20454, 723080-A-5, 723064-A-5, 723068-A-5, 723070-A-5, 723071-A-5, 723061-A-5, 723062-A-5, 723063-A-5, 723079-A-5, 723065-A-5, 723066-A-5, 723067-A-5, 723069-A-5, 723060-A-5, 723077-A-2, B-12809, B-10394, B-52043, B-30564, B-30570, B-23248, B-23254, B-52118 (2/Pk), B-52124 (2/Pk), B-52130, B-56580, B-56596, B-57386, B-57392, 723083-A-5, 723082-A-5, 723081-A-5, 723086-A-A, 194068-7, 723076-A-25, 723054-A-100, 723055-A-100, 723056-A-100, 723070-A-100, 723065-A-100, 723066-A-100, 723067-A-100

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