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20" / 72.6 cc 2-Stroke Chainsaw
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2 Stroke Engine

2 Year Warranty
Model No: EA7300PRFE

SLR + Decompression Valve + Winter Mode

20" / 72.6 cc Environment-Friendly 2-Stroke Chainsaw with Winter Operation Mode

New High Visibility Safety Colour

2 Year Limited Warranty

  • SLR / Scavenging Losses Rejection Muffler recycles unburned gas through the exhaust increasing Operational Efficiency producing much Cleaner Emissions
  • Environment-Friendly 2-Stroke Engine in compliance with: CARB Tier 3, EPA Phase 2 and EU Stage 2 Regulations
  • Half Throttle-lock start position with Decompression Valve for Reduced Start-Up Force
  • Winter Mode (Optional) / Prevents Carburetor Icing by providing a Higher Operating Engine Temperature during Cold Weather use and up to 5˚C.
  • Steel Spring / Advanced Vibration Dampening System is engineered for reducing vibration transfer to the operator
  • Dual Mount, Aggressive Large Metal Spike Bars for Safety and Hinge Action Cutting
  • Easy Remove Air Filter and Spark Plug Cover for quick maintenance access
  • Electronic Ignition system incorporates a Microprocessor
  • External Access Holes allow easy Carburetor Adjustment
  • Lateral Chain Tensioning for Quick and Convenient Chain Adjustment
  • Magnesium Housing for Improved Durability and Less Weight
  • Top Handle Safety Hand Guard with Inertia Activated Chain Brake
  • Automatic adjustable Chain Oiler
  • Bar and Chain Travel Cover Included


INCLUDES: 20-21" Chain (523 099 072), 20" Guide Bar (445 050 655), Chain Cover (952 020 660), Tool Kit (957 004 002), Starter Rope (108 164 020), Spark Plug (965 603 021) 



72.6 cc. (4.4

Chain Pitch / Gauge

3/8" / . 058”

Max. Engine Speed

12,800 RPM

Power Rating

4.0 kW / 5.4 hp

Fuel Tank Capacity

750 ml

Oil Tank Capacity

420 ml

Fuel / Oil Mixture


Vibration Level


Noise Level

101.4 dB(A)

Net Weight

14.7 lbs (6.7 kg)

Replacement Chainsaw Starter Ropes

Replacement Chainsaw Starter Ropes

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