PREMIUM Thin Kerf Cut Off Wheels
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Part No: PREMIUM Thin Kerf Cut Off Wheels

High Cutting Speed and Efficiency for Heavy Duty Cutting Applications

  • A60T-BF brown-fused aluminum grit suitable for use with stainless steel and ferrous metals
  • Ideal for use by pipefitters, welders, shipbuilding, oil/gas, metal fabricators, DIY and more!
  • Flat type 1 style
  • Available in 4", 4-1/2", 5", 6", 7" and 9" diameters


B-12625, B-12631, B-12631-12, B-12647, B-12647-12, B-12647-120, B-12653, B-12669, B-12675, B-65187, B-65193, B-65377, B-65408

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