CCS Foam Polishing Pads
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Collapsed Cell System (CCS) Foam Polishing Pads

High-quality foam pads ideal for Professional applications

  • Partially closed cells are strategically patterned to drastically improve polishing performance by evenly dispersing compound/polishing onto the working surface
  • Slower rate of polish absorption enhances polishing performance
  • Reduced surface tension allows operator to run pad flat on the working surface with greatly minimized pad skipping
  • CCS pockets gradually release compound/polish as required, resulting in increased operator control
  • Reduced surface contact generates less friction and heat
  • Curved edges enable easier polishing in corners and along edges
  • Hook and Loop backing
  • Machine wash in warm water and air dry to clean
  • Available in Hard/Cutting, Medium/Polishing and Soft/Finessing densities


T-02680, T-02668, T-02674, T-01242, T-01236, T-01220

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