Spline Rotary Hammer Bits
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Spline Rotary Hammer Bits

2 Flute Design

  • Extra strong high quality Tungsten-Carbide tips for long drilling life
  • Modern brazing techniques ensure strong heat resistant joints
  • Body annealed to reduce tension in steel for greater torque resistance
  • Symmetrical, 2 flute design for reduced vibration and maximum dust removal
  • Bit surface is shot peened to reduce breakage
  • Shank hardened to withstand hammer blows
  • Available in diameters from 3/8" - 2"
  • Available in lengths from 10" - 36"



711191-A, 711192-A, 711193-A, 711194-A, 711195-A, 711196-A, 711197-A, 711198-A, 711199-A, 711200-A, 711201-A, 711202-A, 711203-A, 711204-A, 711205-A, 711206-A, 711207-A, 711208-A, 711209-A, 711210-A, 711211-A, 711212-A, 711213-A, 711214-A, 711215-A, 711216-A, 711217-A, 711218-A, 711219-A, 711220-A, 711221-A, 711222-A, 711223-A, 711224-A

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