6" Random Orbit Sander Abrasive Sandpaper
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6" Random Orbit Sander Abrasive Sandpaper

Fits 6" Random Orbit Sanders 

  • Hook & loop style
  • Available in 40 - 400 grit.  Use coarser grits for fast stock removal and finer grits for smooth surface finishing


794607-9, 794608-7, 794609-5, 794610-0, 794611-8, 794612-6, 794613-4, B-51415, B-51421, B-51437, B-51443, B-51459, B-51465, B-51471, B-51487, B-51493, B-51502, B-51518, B-51524, B-51530, B-51546, B-51552, B-51568, B-51574, B-51580

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