1/2 Sheet Finishing Sander Abrasive Paper
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1/2 Sheet Abrasive Sandpaper

Fits 1/2 Sheet Finishing Sanders

  • Hook & Loop and Clamp styles available
  • Ideal for Wood and Metal applications
  • Various grits available, from Coarse for fast stock removal to Very Fine for extra-smooth surface finishing



Hook & Loop Style Sandpaper

4-1/2" x 9"

Clamp Style Sandpaper

4-1/2" x 11"


A-14130C, A-14146C, A-14152C, A-14168C, A-14174C, A-14180C, A-14196C, A-14202C, A-14071C, A-14093C, A-14102C, A-14118C, A-14124C, A-14128C, A-14065, A-14071, A-14087, A-14093, A-14102, A-14118, A-14124, 794210-6, 794470-0, 794209-1, 794212-2, 794213-0, 794211-4

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