HSS-G (Bright) Twist Drill Bits
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Part No: HSS-G (Bright) Twist Drill Bits
  • 135o split point tip geometry prevents bit walking for fast and accurate material penetration
  • Ground forged edge and flute construction for high quality performance and long life
  • Available in 10/Pk (1/16" - 5/16"), 5/Pk (21/64" - 1/2"), 2/Pk (1/16" - 9/64"), & 1/Pk (5/32" - 1/2")


D-22230, D-22246, D-22252, D-22268, D-22274, D-22280, D-22296, D-22305, D-22311, D-22327, D-22333, D-22349, D-22355, D-22361, D-22377, D-22383, D-22399, D-22408, D-22414, D-22420, D-22436, D-22442, D-22458, D-22464, D-22470, D-22486, D-22492, D-22501, D-22517, D-21945, D-21951, D-21967, D-21973, D-21989, D-21995, D-22006, D-22012, D-22028, D-22034, D-22040, D-22056, D-22062, D-22078, D-22084, D-22096, D-22109, D-22115, D-22121, D-22137, D-22143, D-22159, D-22165, D-22171, D-22187, D-22193, D-22202, D-22218, D-22224, D-30112

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