Spade Drill Bits
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Part No: Spade Bits

For Rapid Boring Applications in Wood

1/4" Hex Quick Release and 1/4" Straight Shanks

  • Brad point tip ensures precise and accurate holes
  • Chisel edge for heavy-duty, fast drilling
  • Available in 6" and 6-1/2" lengths
  • Not for use in Drill Presses


D-24505, D-24511, D-24527, D-24533, D-26490, D-24549, D-24561, D-24577, D-24583, D-24599, D-24608, D-24614, D-24636, D-24658, D-24670, D-26509, D-23955, D-23961, D-23977, D-23983, D-23999, D-24000, D-24016, D-24022

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