ImpactX Driver Bits
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ImpactX Fastening Solutions

  • S2 modified steel construction
  • Black manganese phosphate coating offers maximum lubrication and corrosion resistance
  • Precision machined tips reduces cam out
  • Calibrated heat treatment provided maximum durability
  • Makita teal coloured ring for fast and easy identification of bits and increased brand recognition
  • Available in 1" insert and 2", 3-1/2", 6" and 12" power bit lengths


A-96453, A-98821, A-96469, A-99758, A-97302, A-96475, A-97324, A-98837, A-99764, A-98843, A-98859, A-98865, A-96481, A-96497, A-96506, A-98887, A-96512, A-99770, A-97330, A-96528, A-97346, A-96534, A-98893, A-96540, A-98902, A-96556, A-98918, A-96562, A-98924, A-96578, A-98930, A-96584, A-98946, A-96590, A-98952, A-96609, A-98968, A-96615, A-96621, A-96637, A-96643, A-98974, A-96659, A-96665, A-99786, A-96671, A-98980, A-97368, A-96687, A-98996, A-96693, A-99007, A-96702, A-99792, A-97405, A-99013, A-97374, A-96718, A-99029, A-96724, A-99035, A-96730, A-99041, A-96746, A-99057, A-96752, A-99063, A-96768, A-99079, A-96774, A-99085, A-96780, A-99091, A-96796, A-96805, A-96811, A-99100, A-96827, A-99116, A-96833, A-99122, A-96849, A-99138, A-96855, A-99144, A-96861, A-99150, A-96877, A-99166, A-96883, A-99172, A-96899, A-99188, A-98675, A-99194, A-96908, A-99203, A-98681, A-99219, A-99801, A-99225, A-96914, A-99231, A-99817, A-99247, A-99823, A-99253, A-98697, A-99269, A-99839, A-99275

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Note: Makita Canada reserves the right to change specification of products without notice. The contents of the parts breakdown and Instruction manuals may be different from current products.