Cordless Flexible Depressed Center Grinding Wheels
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Offers Up To 70% MORE WORK And 56% LESS VIBRATION vs. Premium Depressed Center Grinding Wheels

  • WA36P white-aluminum oxide grain suitable for use with metal and stainless steel
  • Flexible design ensures increased surface contact with the disc face for faster and more efficient grinding
  • Micro scratches on disc face absorb shock during operation for significantly reduced vibration transmission to the operator
  • Quieter operation with reduced vibration versus depressed center grinding wheels
  • Thin design ideal for use with cordless angle grinders
  • Ideal for fast and efficient grinding in light to medium duty applications
  • Depressed center type 27 (flat) style
  • Available in 4-1/2" and 5" diameters
  • Tool must be properly guarded at all times


A-97411-25, A-97411-5, A-97411-25, A-98251-5, A-98251-25

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