Tang Shank Jig Saw Blades
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A Wide Range of Jig Saw Blades for Use in a Variety of Materials

Tang Shank

  • High Carbon Steel (HCS) Blades are ideal for use with softer materials including wood and plastics
  • High Speed steel (HSS) Blades last up to 5x longer than HCS blades and are ideal for metal cutting applications
  • Available in 2 Packs and 5 Packs


B-01286, B-01301, B-01345, B-01351, B-01292, B-01270, B-01339, B-01367, B-01323, B-01317, B-06460, B-06476, B-06482, B-10970, 792467-3, 792470-4, 792466-5, 792465-7, A-86309, 792469-9, A-85232, 792476-2, 792477-0, 792468-1, 792429-1, 792730-4, A-80400, A-80391, B-04933, 792691-8, 792471-2, A-86290, 792463-1, 792430-6, 792529-7, 792729-9, B-10453, B-04949, 792474-6, 792478-8, 792473-8, B-04961, 792475-4, 792428-3, B-10447, B-10431, B-10469, 792472-0, B-06890, B-06909, A-80416,

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