Anti-Vibration Side Handles

Anti-Vibration Side Handles for 4-1/2"-6" and 7"-9" Makita Angle Grinders

Reduces harmful effects of vibration on operator during periods of prolonged operation 


Anti-Vibration Side Handles
Part No. Description For Model(s)
194514-0 Anti-Vibration Side Handle for 4-1/2" - 6" Grinders 9564CV/9564PCV, 9565CV/9565PCV, 9566CV 9553NBK, 9554NBK, 9555NBK, 9556PB, 9557NB/9557PB/9557PBK, 9558NB
GA5010/GA5010Z, GA5020/GA5020C/GA5020Y
GA6010, GA6020/GA6020Y/GA6020C
194543-3 Anti-Vibration Side Handle for 7" - 9" Grinders 9607DB, GA7010C, GA7020, GA7031/GA7031Y, GA9031/GA9031Y, SA9031/SA9031Y

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