Guide Rails & Adapters
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Enables Quick, Accurate Cutting of Materials

Available in 55" (1400 mm), 75" (1900 mm) or 118" (3000 mm) Lengths

  • Extruded Aluminum Construction
  • Ideal for use with sheet materials, including plywood, panelling, etc.
  • Vinyl Seat on top side enables SP6000 to slide smoothly and freely
  • Rubber Seats on underside grip most materials to secure rail when cutting
  • Rubber Splinter Guards indicates exact cutting line
  • Vinyl and Rubber Seats feature peel/stick construction for quick and easy replacement
  • Use with #194385-5 - Guide Rail Clamps for added security when cutting smooth materials (e.g. Melamine, etc.)
  • Use with #194433-0 - Bevel Guide for quick and accurate setting and cutting of angles
  • Can be cut to suit specific applications where shorter lengths are required
  • Can be combined in sequence with #P-20177 - Guide Rail Connectors where longer lengths are required
  • 55" Guide Rail - Part No. 194368-5
  • 75" Guide Rail - Part No. 194925-9
  • 118" Guide Rail - Part No. 194367-7


INCLUDED: Guide Rail (1)


199140-0, 194368-5, 199141-8, 194925-9, 194367-7

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